Cockados Best Wishes

Cockados Best Wishes
Buffy, blue roan bitCH born 2006. Best Wishes was entrusted to me by the late Mrs. Gunnel Adolfsson Lundgren.
She has got one ticket under JP Gill Davis.




SE U(U)CH NO UCH Paisley's Time to Look Forward Lynwater Look Me UpLynwater EileanLynwater Lewis of Quasar
Lynwater Silver Sixpence
Lynwater Secrets OutLynwater Secret Service at Rancecraig
Lynwater Cafe au Lait
Dan-L's It's About Time DK UCH Ladlor LibidoGB SHCH Bitcon Troubador
Ladlor Love Train
DK UCH FI UCH Dan-L's Time OutUS CH Westerner Marching Order
DK UCH INT UCH VDH CH Dan-L's Dantomasime
Lynwater Best Light Lynwater Wild ThymeCleavehill Kiss'n ThymeLynwater Blue Rebel
Lynshow Kiss and Tell
Quasar NectarineLynwater Dawntide
Quasar Ballerina
GB SHCH Lynwater Dawn Shimmer PT CH Lynwater Tiger MothHarris of Lynwater
Lynwater Mayfly
Night Escapade of LynwaterLynwater Final Secret
Stonemill Triways