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Vitahotellets kennel (the White Hotel kennel) has always been a small select kennel aiming for type and temperament above anything else. True English (!!) type that is. I know you find a variety of Cocker Spaniel types in Great Britain but I think many of you understand what I mean.

The problem is to breed a persistent type in a country like Sweden where there are very few suitable dogs to use. Therefore I try to keep my own stud dogs nowadays, that requires a rather frequent import of well-bred male puppies. And that also means I have to visit England regularly to keep up with what's happening in the breed.
Since the early seventies, when I started in Cocker Spaniels I have always been a great fan of the Astrawins, and I know for sure I am not alone in that. In those years you knew for certain that when you bought from Phyllis you bought a potential winner even if you were beginner in the breed - that was the quality of the stock she sent abroad. 


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